“Assata” is a West African name that means “she who struggles”. Assata Inspires was created as a place to share curated inspirational content, including podcasts, books, blogs, and videos. I decided to include my own experiences and perspectives because I realized that it’s not the content alone that connects with people. The messenger is just as important as the message. Maybe someone needs motivation¬†in the way that I deliver it.

Topics include spirituality, personal growth, professional development, health and wellness, social justice….well everything really. Life isn’t easily compartmentalized so whatever comes up, will come out. The point is to find the silver linings in life and learn the lessons that downfalls were meant to teach you.

Like most other people, I’m just trying to “figure it out”. I don’t have the answers, but I’ve found that opening up about fears and obstacles can be therapeutic and it can also allow you to connect with like-minded people who may be able help you. I’ve watched over the past few years as an online network of young black people has grown and created platforms for sharing ideas, motivation, and opportunities. I just want other people to know that this world exists. Find the voices that resonate with you and be inspired by their journey.

Some people started on top and finished even higher. “That ain’t my ministry”. This site is for people who haven’t reached that point of success yet…who are right in the middle of “the struggle” and need a reminder that for most of us, the struggle stage is just part of the process. Some are successful despite the struggle and others are successful because of it. Either way, I find it inspiring because I can relate. And that’s why I say “she who struggles, inspires.” Keep pushing. You may very well be someone else’s inspirational “Assata”.

~ Ayala K.