Behind The Brilliance

Image result for behind the brilliance itunes     Behind the Brilliance is hosted by Lisa Nicole Bell . She interviews people who have built their own business or work independently. Most would be considered “creatives” of some sort. The guests open up about their success and failures. Some podcasts that are intended to be inspiration will make you feel like a lazy bucket of trash juice for not having it all together. This show isn’t like that. There is some tough love and honesty to help you get yourself on track, but identifying productivity traps and creativity blocks is the first step in addressing them. And she doesn’t just tell you that you’re wrong and leave you hanging.  I appreciate this show because it offers tangible solutions. Lisa and her guests provide tips and resources that I found to be incredibly helpful as I piece together my career. Hearing the details of other people’s stories is a great way to learn things you never knew you didn’t know.

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