Just Put It Out There

“Finished is better than perfect.” I’ve been listening to Lisa Nicole Bell say this on her Behind The Brilliance podcast and I believe it…I do. But I haven’t been doing it. It’s like I put “just put it out there” at the bottom of my to-do list. But I had to be honest with myself- that’s not how ‘just doing it’ works, sis. Even though I knew it would best serve me right now while I have all of these unfinished ideas in my head, I still wasn’t doing it and I had to honest with myself about why. I told myself that my posts don’t have to be perfect and I can always make adjustments, but I didn’t give myself permission to release an imperfect product. So to meet my fear halfway, I decided to post this is a disclaimer to put my mind/anxiety/insecurity at ease and acknowledge that this website and I are both works in progress:

This website is designed to be ever-evolving. It is a reflection of me and I am evolving. I wanted this to be a perfectly organized and “put-together” before I release it to the world…and I do the same with myself. The result is that both this website and I are just sitting here bubbling with potential that isn’t being used. It won’t be perfect but it will never stop improving. As I get better, so will this platform. I hope you find something here that helps you continue your journey towards the life that you want; or even better, realize that going on that journey is an option…and take the first step.


Special thanks to Shameless Maya whose How Being Shameless Changed My Life video lit the fire under my a*s that I’ve been needed for the past few weeks. “Be shameless. Do YOU, boo!” ~ Shameless Maya 

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